The Daily Nails #2

(photo from my Instagram)

Topshop – Sea Mist with Model’s Own – Disco Mix on top. I’ve been lusting after this Model’s Own shade for ages and decided I had to have it when I spotted it on Amazon – much more convenient than going to Boots and discovering it’s sold out again! This combination is perfect for fans of seriously shiny nails as Sea Mist is a super-pigmented almost-chrome silver with hints of green.

Disco Mix is a versatile glitter shade with plenty of glitter in the formula; however it can be difficult to apply evenly as the glitter makes the polish slightly thick and lumpy, hence the slight mess & unevenness. I only applied one coat as it took a while to dry & as you can see this is seriously glittery! With a good top coat (Collection 2000’s is great) you can get at least a couple days of wear from this shimmery manicure. I’ve already received the glittery pink shade of MO to try out next, currently imagining the possibilities!


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