My No-Buy August!

My makeup stash..almost.
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Guys, this year is going ridiculously fast. We’re almost halfway through July, can you believe it?!

Reading Marvelle’s post over at Blog of Shadows on her recent 150 day spending ban made me realise how terrible I am at hoarding beauty products and never finishing anything off, allowing numerous items to gather dust and eventually expire. Okay, maybe I could never conquer 150 days of spend-free living but I’m hoping that having a go at a month of no-buying will make me become more aware of my spending habits and finish up some of the many products I already own.

Not to mention I’m hoping to book a flight to Florida at the end of September to visit my family for a few weeks – I have enough money saved to pay for a return ticket but I’d love to have some extra cash to spend on exclusive goodies while I’m over there.

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m terrible at not spending money – if I read about something on a blog, in a magazine or recommended by a friend I always inevitably end up buying it shortly afterwards..and that’s not a healthy habit to build in the long term!


1. No spending on any clothing or beauty products from the 1st August until the 31st August 2013. I already have far more summer clothes, lotions and liquids than anyone will ever need. And if I don’t rush straight out and buy that brand new blogger-approved nail polish, the world will not implode and life will go on.

2. Swapping old products as well as purchasing basic health & hygiene products is still allowed. Swapping via MakeupAlley is officially a new addiction for me – I’ve connected with so many lovely ladies from all over the world already and it’s the perfect way to try out something new without spending a fortune! And spending only on ‘essential’ products like deodorant, toothpaste & painkillers means I’ll still be able to get hold of things I actually need to stay clean and healthy rather than the things I think I need.

3. Document progress on the no-buy journey as well as a round-up post at the end with any empties & discoveries. Hopefully I’ll actually finish some unloved products for once!

Here’s to saving some space & money next month!

Anyone fancy joining me on a no-buy August? & have you ever done a self-imposed shopping ban before?


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