My No-Buy August: Week 1

Over a week without buying beauty products or clothes?! Never thought I would have done it. Here are ways I’ve kept on track & stopped myself from throwing money away:

1. Shopping with others. Truthfully there isn’t a huge amount to do where I live, so going shopping is a thrill in itself. I have cousins over from the US right now and they came to stay with me for a couple of days in their quick trip to the UK, so I had the pleasure of introducing them to my favourite UK products. Luckily 2 of them love makeup too, so I helped them choose some MUA products, nail polish and hair styling items. All the fun of shopping without spending a penny!

2. Rediscover what you already own by ‘shopping the stash’ rather than buying new. I cleaned my room (shocking I know!) and found some lovely Lush bath products I’d neglected that were a gift for my birthday back in June. I’ve collected all of them in the bathroom and hope the sight of the overflowing bath product box will prevent me from going out to get more anytime soon. Also I’ve been using up things I’ve already bought – to me, one of the simple joys is finishing off something I’ve been wanting to use up for ages. I’ve been collecting the empties and will be sure to review them before going away next month.

3. Keep your goal in mind. The best motivation for a spending ban is keeping a saving goal in mind – whether you’re saving for a new car, a deposit on a house, a big wedding or a few fabulous pieces of clothing. So next time you go out and see a ‘must have’ eyeshadow palette for Β£40, would you rather have yet another palette, or would you rather save it to put towards your dream wedding dress? A designer blush or one step closer to that holiday you’ve been yearning for all year? The prospect of a few weeks in Florida with my American family and having the extra money to spend on pretty clothes and park tickets always wins over another eyeshadow or nail polish that I probably won’t use.

Anyone else tackling a spending ban this month? What are your tips for keeping on track?


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