August/Sepetember Empties!

Following from the end of my No-Buy are all the products, good and bad, that I managed to use up lately! Banning myself from buying new items made me review what I already owned and used up any unloved products still lingering around my bedroom and bathroom.

Here’s what I finished off..

1. LUSH Candy Fluff Egg – I believe this was an Easter edition item?! Shows how quickly I forget about what I’ve spent my own money on. This bath bomb had a lovely, sweet bubblegum/candy scent, but the amount of bubbles was underwhelming and it disappeared quite quickly. Repurchase? Nope! It was a bit expensive too.

2. LUSH Think Pink Bath Ballistic – Very similar to the above, it fizzed away very fast and didn’t offer much in terms of scent, bubbles or anything else. How disappointing! Repurchase? No.

3. LUSH Creamy Candy Bubble Bar – Seeing a pattern here? This is another pink, sweet bath product from Lush. It did have a lovely scent in the bath, produced a few bubbles and turned the water slightly pink, but didn’t quite meet my expectations. Repurchase? No!

4. Johnson’s Baby Powder – I go through this stuff at an alarming rate, it’s perfect to use to dust over greasy roots and leave hair looking and smelling clean and pretty. Yes, this is similar to dry shampoo, but I much prefer the smell of baby powder plus dry shampoo usually leaves hair looking white and patchy – this is much easier to work in exactly where you need it. Repurchase? Yes! I already have a backup.

5. Clean & Clear Oil Control Film – I first found these through Cantonese students at my school who’d always be using these at lunch break. I was so curious I asked to try one and was hooked from then on! They’re so perfect for anyone with oily skin – use like any other blotting sheet and dab over makeup or wipe on bare skin to mop up any oiliness. I bought many of these in bulk from China via Ebay a few years ago – this is the second last pack so you know they’re one of my favourites! The ‘rubbery’ texture of the thin sheets is truly unique and I’ve yet to find anything similar I can buy in the UK. Repurchase? Yes!

6. Origins Gin-Zing Eye Cream (Sample) – I got this sample sachet free with my last Origins order (along with the Mega Bright serum which I have to try out!) and couldn’t wait to use it. This sample sachet lasted almost a week of using it twice a day, so you can see how far this product goes. I dab a tiny amount under each eye and massage in gently. My skin seemed to drink it up and my dark circles look a little better for it – could this be an eye cream that actually works for me? Repurchase? Already bought the full size, let’s hope it works!

7. Gilette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel – One of the ‘essentials’ more than beauty, but everyone needs a decent shaving product! I prefer the Pure & Delicate version since it has no scent, but this is just as good when hairy areas need some de-fuzzing. These are on offer quite frequently, so I always make sure to pick up a couple when they are. Repurchase? Yes.

8. Not Your Mother’s ‘Way To Grow’ Shampoo – An interesting one: when I first got this shampoo around 6 months ago I couldn’t say enough good things about it and recommended it to (almost) everyone I met. I felt the sulfate-free formula was gentle and it smoothed my hair while giving it a lovely strawberry scent. However by the end of the bottle my hair felt weirdly dry and it wasn’t until I switched shampoos that I realised this was the problem! Since I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, this one bottle has lasted me the whole time. I was shocked by how much better my hair felt after using a moisturising shampoo and, ironically, it’s felt much healthier since. Repurchase? No.

9. The Scottish FIne Soaps Company ‘Au Lait’ Cream Body Wash (Mini) – I stayed in an English hotel for the first time ever, you guys! Not so weird, since England is so small you might as well go home to your own bed after a day out rather than pay so much for a hotel. But last month my American cousins were visiting, so I shared a hotel room with family and got to sample the lovely mini products. This tiny bottle of body wash lasts for 2-3 days of showering and is the perfect rich, moisturising shower gel that doesn’t feel too harsh or synthetic, even on sensitive skin. The light baby powder smell was a nice touch too. Repurchase? Lovely to use in the hotel but not stand-out enough to go out and buy my own.

10. LUSH Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream – Yes, I’m going to tell you about boob cream! I think this is my third pot of this product. Firstly, I ended up dropping my already repurchased new tub of this all over my faux fur rug. Stupid packaging – a pump would be much easier and so much less messy. Especially since it’s expensive stuff – nearly £17 for 100g (didn’t it used to be cheaper?) so you don’t want to go throwing it around and wasting it. This is by no means a ‘miracle’ product nor is it a replacement for any kind of cosmetic surgery, but it does give a nice bit of firmess and moisturising power to an area that often gets neglected product-wise. Not to mention the gorgeous jasmine smell. If your ‘jubblies’ are on the larger size, it is a bit unfair since you have to use more, but if you find it works for you then it’s worth it! Repurchase? Yes.

11. The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Scrub – I hadn’t used this for well over a year and recently found it neglected in a drawer at my parents’ house, so I decided to bring it home and use it up instead! After purchasing my Salux towel, body scrubs have become much less of a necessity and more of an infrequent bathtime-only thing, but the creamy goodness and lovely nutty/cocoa smell of this scrub made me use it up in no time. Repurchase? Yes, eventually! Curious to try some of the other flavours & recently bought the cocoa butter scrub to try next!

12. Boots Expert Build-Up Removal Shampoo – Admittedly I’m a little spoiled by American products when I’m lucky enough to visit, but I can’t understand why the UK seems to have no shampoos specifically marketed as clarifying shampoos. Other than this, of course. I panicked & thought it’d been discontinued when the packaging was switched from the simple white and blue stand-out modern packaging to this old-style bottle – it reminds me of the congealed products from the 1980s that I’ve been helping my nan clear out of her bedroom recently. But the shampoo itself is still exactly the same, fairly affordable and gently removes even the crustiest (sorry but it does) product buildup out of the hair – anyone who frequently uses hairspray, hair wax, powders and/or dry shampoos will know how difficult it can be. The product has little to no scent and is a simple, clear shampoo, so it’s a simple and easy one to use right before your regular shampoo, leaving hair super-clean and buildup-free. Repurchase? Yes, even if it still has the old ugly bottle!

13. Elixirs of Life Pure Organic Rose Water – I bought this from Amazon to use as a toner after reading all the positive reviews about using pure rose water as a post-cleanse toning product. Since it’s pure rose water it smells incredible – seriously, if you’re unfamiliar with rose water it smells truly divine! It feels refreshing on the skin, especially when decanted into a spray bottle, but it did feel a little harsh and drying on my very sensitive skin. Repurchase? No.

14. LUSH Tea Tree Water Another toner?! I found this in the bottom of my overnight bag after clearing it out for my fancy-pants hotel stay, since I rarely travel anywhere. There was just a tiny amount left so I used it up. I used to love this toner, repurchasing it and using it over and over, but these days it’s a bit strong for my combination skin – ideal on oily faces, but not so much on those that suffer any kind of dryness. Repurchase? No.

15. Collection 2000 Shine Away Compact Powder in Light – Now sadly discontinued, sigh! The most perfect powder: very affordable, cute packaging with a handy mirror inside, great shade for my pale skin and lasts all day. I always keep one in my bag with my E.L.F. kabuki brush since the cheap foam sponge inside is next to useless. Why do brands feel the need to discontinue such perfect and universally-loved products?! I stocked up on another 3 from C2000’s website a few months ago, but has been ‘out of stock’ for a while – their online service is hopelessly slow so don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Repurchase? Yes, if I can ever get it again!

16. Rimmel 9-in-1 BB Cream in Light – My current HG BB cream! This small tube has lasted months despite using it so much. It’s ideal for summer since it contains SPF 20, doesn’t melt away on the face and gives quite decent coverage without having to wear foundation. The colour is a touch too dark for me, but being summer I can totally get away with that. Repurchase? Yes, have already repurchased 2!

17. Collection 2000 Extreme Length Mascara – Another HG, this mascara has lasted months and it’s now a little dried up. I could literally sing its praises from the rooftops: cheap (less than £3!), easy to get hold of, gives the illusion of super-long but fairly natural lashes without being the least bit sticky or spidery. I like to layer it up if I’m feeling daring. The waterproof version isn’t bad either – just much more difficult to get off than this one! Repurchase? Yes!

18. Almay Eye Liner in Brown Topaz – Before you say I don’t look like someone who wears brown eyeliner, this isn’t an eyeliner for me – it’s one of my favourite brow pencils. Every brown brow product seems to be a warm medium-brown, way too dark for my colouring and natural hair colour. This is the perfect natural light ashy-brown in a soft formula and retractable pencil, making it so easy to apply. The only downside? It’s next to impossible to get hold of in the UK, since Ebay prices just keep getting higher. I’m not paying £12 to get something that only costs a couple of dollars in the US. Collection 2000’s brow pencil in Blonde is a great subsitute, but this one’s a little more brown and natural-looking on me. Repurchase: Yes, if I can get it cheaper!


My first empties post ended up being a long one! The No-Buy made me use up a whole lot of stuff, some all-time favourites as well as some that weren’t so great.

What did you use up recently? Any opinions on the products I mentioned?


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