October Favourites

october 13 favourites

I’m hardly the first to say this but..where has the year gone?! Unbelieveable. Since I’ve been back in England the weather has been just awful, even on the usually sunny South Coast: the Autumn/Winter season is well and truly here. Time for chunky knits, badass boots, vegan hot chocolate and long, luxurious bathtimes – well, that doesn’t sound too bad!

After seeing some brilliant posts for October Favourites from Youtubers and various wonderful beauty bloggers I follow, I wanted to show you everything beauty-related I’ve been head-over-heels in love with last month and into November.

1. Hard Candy Nail Polish ($4, Wal-Mart, USA) – One of those moments when everyone in Wal-Mart thought I was a little bit crazy. Sadly Hard Candy is not currently stocked in the UK, only available from Wal-Mart in the USA. Due to the nature of Wal-Mart being like some kind of carnivorous feeding frenzy when new stock comes in, it’s usually very difficult (if not impossible) to find all the shades you want, as the shelves are ransacked so quickly. Luckily I did emerge with fistfuls of these wonderful nail polishes for only $4 each – an excellent decision on my part! The new shades to take notice of are the ‘Crushed Chromes’ collection and the (unfortunately) childishly named ‘Itzy Glitzy’ collection, the former containing some fantastic high-octane ultra-shimmery duochromes and the latter featuring both sparkly shades and shimmery duochromes. I’m a massive fan of unusual colours and these are certainly something that people notice, even in the historically anti-social UK. I wore ‘Piece of Papaya’ (featured above) from the Itzy Glitzy collection, a seriously shimmery fuschia/gold shade, as a girly space-age polish to complement my casual Sailor Moon costume for Halloween. And this morning it’s barely chipped. I’d highly recommend all of the Hard Candy polishes – there are some seriously stand-out shades, which is really saying something considering the over-saturated nail polish market.

2. Natural Collection Blush in Dusky Pink (£1.99, Boots) – Since my NARS Penny Lane blush is showing a worryingly large amount of pan (and so hard to find for some reason), I decided to go in search of some extra winter blushes. For less than £2, this is a surprisingly good quality matte blush without shimmer or sparkles that other blushes in this price range always seem to offer. It’s not as long lasting as my NARS favourites, but it’s a similar dusty pink colour that sees me through the day with limited fading. And for the price, that’s pretty impressive.

3. Essence Gel Eyeliner in ‘Midnight in Paris’ ($3.99 Ulta, USA) – Another ‘Merica purchase. I was crazy about getting my hands on these as I hadn’t read a since bad review; sadly all the other colours are discontinued but at least the classic black remained. This is THE perfect gel liner: easy to use, smooth, pigmented, long-lasting, fast drying and cheap! Anyone who’s fed up of paying 4x or more for MAC Fluidline really needs to try this! I’m actually not sure if this is available in the UK yet – I know Essence is now stocked in certain Wilkinsons stores around the UK, but none anywhere near me so I can’t look for myself, but be prepared to grab one (or two, or more) if you see it – it is absolutely worth the hype.

4. Bath and Body Works Amber Blush EDT ($3, Bath and Body Works, USA)  – Enough with the damn exclusive products already. I don’t know if things are more appealling when you can’t reasonably get hold of them, or if America just has way too many lovely things. Sorry, UK. Amber Blush is one of the brand new families of fragrance at Bath and Body Works which is, as always, completely addictive – I just want everything in this scent! The notes are listed as raspberry champagne, gardenia petals, magnolia blossom, amber and vanilla. Delicious. I can pick up the raspberry, amber and vanilla most of all with a hint of floral. Anyone like me who is obsessed with fruity-floral fragrances really needs to try this. At the end of September it was $3 for this travel size spray with any purchase, so of course I picked up two since it’s impossible to get B&BW products here without paying a small fortune on Ebay. You’d think in the 21st century all beauty products would be completely accessible to anyone in the civilised world – I’ve no idea why huge companies such as B&BW and Sephora refuse to ship outside their own country, yet many other UK sites offer free international shipping. A brilliant business opportunity perhaps?

5. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze / On and On Bronze (£4.99, Boots) – I hadn’t touched my Color Tattoos for months, but since reorganising my makeup collection I’ve been using this one every single day. Even more pigmented and creamy than my other favourite cream shadows by Benefit, this shade is perfect for a neutral wash of colour for those days where you can’t be bothered with eye makeup yet don’t want your eyes to look all naked. When making a bit more effort, I like to wear this with the Essence gel liner above and a touch of dark brown shadow blended out from the crease and outer corners of my eyelid. The creaminess makes this product in particular so easy to work with and the reason why I’ve been ignoring all my other shadows lately.

6. MUA Matte Perfect Primer (£4, Superdrug) – Who needs high end when you can do the same job for a fraction of the price? This is an excellent dupe for Benefit’s PoreFessional primer. The formula is creamy and silicone-based, giving a little smoothness to the skin before applying foundation but best of all keeps makeup nicely matte for hours, for those days when you can’t always go and reapply powder whenever you want.  My skin is being incredibly and inexplicably oily lately, so I’m glad I have this little tube of awesome to keep the shine under control during busy days at uni.

7. Dr Weil for Origins Mega Bright Serum (£48-60 for full size, Origins) – As much as I wanted to dislike this because it is so horrendously expensive, sadly I like it. A lot. It’s very similar to the Mega Bright Moisturiser which I reviewed here. The consistency is a little runnier, typical for what you’d expect from a serum, absorbing incredibly fast into the skin. I’ve been using this day and night for a week or so – my skin already feels more even and redness is reduced, without leaving oily skin greasy at all. This works for me as a more powerful version of the moisturiser and I already want the full size, but really can’t justify spending that amount on one product at the moment, even one which works so well. This mini size cost just over £3 from Ebay and I’ll be keeping a look out for another so I can stock up.

8. Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick in Inspired ($26 for full size, Tarte.com, USA) – This is one of the minis from my enormous Sephora ‘Give Me More Lip’ set that I purchased last month – all of which I’ve loved so far! I love NARS’ Velvet Matte pencil in ‘Sex Machine’ as an everyday lip, but this gives a little more colour and works as a very wearable almost-berry shade for those who don’t want to wear bold colours all day. Yes, this isn’t quite 12 hour wear as you’d probably guess, instead wearing well for around 4 hours or until eating or drinking, after which a touch-up is needed. Despite not quite living up to its bold claims, I did still find traces of colour on my lips when wiping my mouth 7-8 hours after the last application. It is a matte shade, yet doesn’t pull or feel drying on the lips. Not to mention the cute patterned wooden-style packaging. A gorgeous in-between dusty and berry pink – I really need to get my hands on the full size of this before I use this mini all up! Again, Tarte isn’t available in the UK so you will have to peruse Ebay or sweet-talk a holidaying relative into picking this up for you from the US if you can’t go there yourself.

Hope you enjoyed checking out my October favourites! What beauty products did you love this October?


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