Swap Talk: Bath & Body Works and sweet treats from Canada!

Last week I had the pleasure of receiving the most wonderful, enormous parcel arriving at my door. I knew it was on its way, sprinted downstairs and may have slightly terrified the Parcelforce man with my sheer excitement at receiving such a wonderful box of goodies that I’d been waiting on for the longest time! Seriously, if this parcel was a person it would definitely be getting a medal for what it’s been through – bad weather in Canada in January delayed shipments on their end, and the abysmal UK weather in the last few weeks must have slowed it down as well. So that’s nearly 2 months of battling its way across the ocean to get itself into my hands!

This parcel was from the lovely Victoria, fellow makeup addict and Youtuber at Pink Barbie XO. If you want to see the goodies I chose for her, check out her unboxing video here!

Living in Canada, I asked Victoria to choose some of the best Bath & Body Works products for me, as well as a selection of her most recommended sweet treats that can’t be found anywhere else. She was extremely generous and sent more than expected – I really should have taken a photo of my face whilst opening all of it up! Imagine childlike squeals of excitement with combinations of “oh my gosh!” and “holy **** this smells good!”

It’s Christmas..again!

Here’s a run-down of my first impressions and thoughts on all of the wonderful items Victoria picked out for me:

1. Golden Oreos, Gingerbread Oreos & an Oreo Brownie – I looove Golden Oreos! I actually received a huge pack in a Secret Santa box at Christmas, though of course they have long since been devoured and I’m thrilled to have more to snack on, since as far as I know they aren’t officially distributed & sold in the UK. Meaning if you want to get your hands on some, be prepared to pay a premium online! They taste very similar to Custard Creams, but better and more addictive. The gingerbread flavour reminds me of gingerbread men I used to get from the supermarket bakery as a kid, and a little similar to chai lattes – unusual & delicious! I totally kid myself that because the packaging features French translations, I’m still classy whilst stuffing my face with them. I’ve never tried the Oreo Brownie but be assured it will soon be scoffed.

Victoria also sent me a Coffee Crisp bar, which was promptly devoured shortly after its discovery. Usually I’m not a fan of anything coffee-flavoured, but it was significantly better than I’d expected. My boyfriend, the coffee addict, loved this. Needless to say, it wasn’t around for long.

2. Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint PocketBac – I’m a huge fan of the mega-handy PocketBacs. They’re the perfect tiny size for keeping in even the smallest of handbags, or in the car, and come in literally hundreds of different scents. They’re incredibly cheap in North America, and not too expensive on Ebay either, so naturally I have something of a collection of these. I can’t say much more other than that this does have quite a strong peppermint-y scent, and no doubt will be very useful!

3. Bath & Body Works Forever Red Vanilla Rum Fine Fragrance Mist – I’m mad about the Forever Red scent – to me, it’s one of B&BW’s more grown-up, sophisticated scents. I believe this variation was exclusively for the festive season, so it may be difficult to get your hands on. It’s described as an oh-so-delicious blend of “vanilla rum & black lily drenched in decadent crΓ©me de cassis”. The fragrance mists are ideal for those more casual days when you don’t want to wear perfume but still want to smell wonderful. I can’t wait to try this! Victoria also included a mini version of the classic Forever Red, ideal for travelling & keeping in my bag.

4. Bath & Body Works ‘Sweet on Paris’ and ‘Be Enchanted’ Shower Gels – I’m thrilled with these – I’ll be using them after I finish up my current Lush shower gels. They’re definitely more stronger scented than most shower gels and work well to complement a perfume in a similar or the same scent. ‘Sweet on Paris’ smells so fabulously edible – like a box full of cupcakes! ‘Be Enchanted’ is probably my most favourite B&BW scent ever, since my wonderful auntie uses the lotion which reminded me of spending time with her. I heard this scent was being discontinued, so I stocked up on the EDT and fragrance mist. I’m very grateful to have this so I can enjoy the scent for even longer!

5. Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap in Iced Gingerbread, Vanilla Bean Noel, Sugar Plum Dream and Winter Candy Apple – I’m thrilled to have an entire selection of these! I’d never tried the foaming formula, always going for the more moisturising lotion option since my hands dry out in the cold weather, but I love it already. I’m already using Vanilla Bean Noel and I actually prefer it to B&BW’s popular Warm Vanilla Sugar scent, as this is more like a true delicious gourmand vanilla – it makes my hands smell sweet and delicious! I’ve yet to try the others but I’m a fan of all the scents already.

6. Bath & Body Works Medium Candle in Cinnamon Sugared Donut (not pictured) – Anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m a sucker for scented candles, especially these. I’d put this one with my candle collection so it got left out of the group photo. An absolute must-have for lovers of sweet gourmand scents – this one features vanilla as well as cinnamon, so it really does smell like a bakery. Just don’t burn it when you’re hungry. Check it out here if you’re interested!

I was blown away by Victoria’s generosity and thoughtfulness, choosing such lovely items for me! I love every single one and will thoroughly enjoy using them. Now I just need to wait til after a big meal to burn that candle, or I’ll be craving cinnamon doughnuts! Thanks again to Victoria to being a brilliant swap partner!

Hope you enjoyed! Have you ever done a makeup or beauty swap before? Should I post more ‘swap hauls’ in future?


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