A Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

Earlier this week I came to the very sudden realisation that it’s my birthday on Sunday! Everyone keeps saying it, but  I can’t quite believe how quickly the year is going by. Which is good news for me, because I’m an impatient person and can’t wait to plan to go back to Florida and see my family towards the end of the year.

There are few big ticket items I’m crazy about this time around (as opposed to Pokemon and light-up trainers at the top of my extensive wishlist as a young’un) but there are a few non-essential items I keep hesitating to pay out for, despite liking them a whole lot.

How adorable is the Flutter Print Playsuit by Miss Selfridge? They seem to have sold out at my local store except for the smallest sizes, and a size 8 I am not. They also happen to only be available in Petite, which is a huge shame standing at 6 foot and all, though I have since ordered myself a size 14 and hope my pending Fashion Design & Technology degree will be put to good use in order to make this work. Or not..we shall see.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight was love at first sniff, although I have loads of partly-used perfumes already and can’t quite justify spending so much on yet another. Quite different and a little fruitier than the original (and lovely) Daisy, this is Spring/Summer freshness in a bottle. I couldn’t stop smelling myself when I tried this out in Debenhams recently and really must get my hands on a bottle of my own.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on my blog already, but I have something of a handbag obsession. And I’m missing that hold-everything bag that is versatile yet distinctive. My Marc by Marc Jacobs PTTM bag is a little small for this; so is my little matelasse Miu Miu. And my larger Miu bow bag I hesitate to take out, for fear of getting the soft leather stained in rainy weather. First world problems much? Anyway, this Givenchy Antigona beauty fulfills my want for a large, useful yet immaculately stylish white handbag that I never knew I desperately needed until just now. Definitely more of a wish for a while unless anyone decides to be incredibly generous with a birthday cheque!

Affectionally known as “ballz” in parts of the makeup community, I decided I need some Guerlain Meteorites of my own. Never mind the price and the fact that I really don’t need ‘illuminating’ (my greasy skin does all the work), I’m sure they’d make up by looking gorgeous on my dressing table.

I did actually buy this yesterday after putting together this list, actually – the Topshop Big Floppy Hat is finally mine! I kept trying this on in the store but have never paid more than a few £ for a hat, so couldn’t justify it before. But I then decided why the heck not – it’s my birthday soon! Something of a ‘staple’ this season for many fashionistas, but I think a wide brimmed hat looks so chic and put-together on anyone tall or with a particularly large head (I am both) – tiny pork pie hats with ears and such may be all over Tumblr but definitely do not suit me at all.

I hope you enjoyed checking out my birthday list! I’ll be spending Sunday stuffing my face at Wagamama’s (yaki udon 4 lyfe). What’s top of your wishlist at the moment?


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