August Favourites

It’s already nearing the end of summer – it’s gone too fast! Hope you’ve had a wonderful month and have been enjoying the cooler weather. What have you been loving this month?


1. Bath & Body Works Be Enchanted Fragrance Mist ($14 via Bath & Body Works) – I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this before – it’s my all-time favourite scent to spray on for a lazy day, or when I can’t decide what fragrance I want to wear. I’m not a fan of their lotions as they are so overly scented, but the fragrance mists are much more subtle and refreshing. ‘Be Enchanted’ doesn’t seem to be a popular choice with everyone, but personally I love it – a deliciously fruity pomegranate & passionfruit burst with more subtle floral notes of violet and honeysuckle, amongst others. Unique and delicious! Not to mention my lovely aunt uses other Be Enchanted products in her bathroom, and whenever I use this it reminds me of her! Can’t wait to visit the US again so I can stock up.

2. Lush ‘The Comforter Shower Gel (no longer available) – I may be a sucker for limited edition products, but this is by far the most gorgeous-smelling (and brightest) shower gel ever! No exaggeration. I managed to purchase one via the Lush Kitchen a few weeks ago when a limited batch was released, thrilled I managed to get hold of one before they sold out. Anyway, fans of the Comforter bubble bar need this in their lives – it has the same distinctive and divine blackcurrant and bergamot scent, but in a brighter, more liquid and shower-friendly incarnation. A devastating shame that this isn’t permanent – we can only dream!

3. REN Omega 3 Night Repair Serum (£23 via REN Skincare) – Despite using this serum for a year or so, this has only recently become one of my favourite, can’t-live-without products. I’d been using lighter skincare during our heatwave weather, but now it’s a bit chillier I whipped this one out again! I use a pump and a half every evening under my moisturiser, and even after only a couple of days of use this made a huge difference in the appearance and texture of my skin – it looks and feels smoother, brighter and more well-rested. Note that it’s recently been renamed and repackaged, but still the exact same product. Suitable for all skin tones, though anyone with oilier skin would get best results using this every other evening instead of every single night. Winter weather, I’m ready for you!

4. Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Scented Candle (no longer available) – I spotted this on Ebay for a bargain price, and despite the fact that it smells more like a perfume than a home fragrance, it’s now one of my favourite candle scents of theirs. Shame it’s no longer available, as I’m so close to using it up! And there’s no chance of me getting hold of it again, since the only one available is nearly $50 before postage on Ebay USA. Before this turns into the limited-edition-sadness post, I do have to say I’ve really enjoyed the unusual but delectable dark berry and vanilla scent and hope this gets re-released in future! And what’s the point of owning limited edition products if you’re too scared to use them up and enjoy them? The only issue I have with this is that these medium candles as well as the smaller ones seem to tunnel – they don’t burn evenly and I end up having to use my makeshift ‘foil sleeve’ (tinfoil wrapped around the candle leaving space for the flame) to distribute the heat evenly – not ideal but helps when you’re trying to use them up well! However all the mason jar and 3-wick B&BW candles I’ve had have burned wonderfully.

5. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Stereo Rose (no longer available) – Some might say I have something of a MAC addiction lately, not helped by finding so many great and affordable sold out products of theirs from lovely sellers on Depop – check out the app if you haven’t already! I got hold of this practically new Stereo Rose MSF for just £17 including postage, a limited edition favourite from the Fantasy of Flowers collection earlier this year. 2012 also saw the release of a Stereo Rose, but in a more pigmented pink-coral incarnation than this peachier shade. Despite general disappointment from long-time MAC fans, this newer coral shade features a fine gold sheen which when swiped across cheekbones looks divine – a must-have blush/highlight in one that would suit a variety of skin tones. I’ve worn this several times already – it’s so flattering on pale skin and doesn’t look glittery. Perfect for anyone like myself who skips the highlighting step in their routine – products like this do all the work for you!

6. MAC Powder Blush in Launch Away! (no longer available) – Another impulse Depop purchase! I got this for £7 including postage, as quite a bit had been used already. After sanitising it with my Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Makeup Spray, it was all ready for me to use. I was a bit disappointed when it arrived since it looks almost flesh coloured in the pan and doubted it would even show up on my skin, yet when this is blended into the cheeks and built up a little it transforms into a really gorgeous, flattering peach-pink with a lovely satin finish that lasts all day. This would suit all pale skin tones as a light, everyday blush which would go with everything. Shame I missed out on the stunningly packaged Hey Sailor collection first time around, but you can always pick up some pieces via Depop or Ebay for fair prices!

7. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Syrup (£15.50 via MAC Cosmetics) – Am I the only one who hesitates to use brand new, pricier makeup items? As much as I enjoy savouring a brand new lipstick, we buy makeup to actually use it – not as an expensive decoration! And Syrup is my current favourite which I’ve finally broken in after buying it months ago – the Lustre formulas deliver a buildable, non-drying wash of glossy colour which flatter just about anyone. I find most of the Matte and Amplified formulas are too drying or clashing to wear regularly, so I’m always reaching for the Lustres and Cremesheens! Syrup is a hard-to-find but easy-to-wear muted pinky-mauve shade, making it perfect for everyday wear and one I’ll always reach for as a tried-and-tested favourite.


Those are all my favourites for August! Will September finally be the month I get over my MAC / limited edition obsession? Who knows! What products have you been loving and reaching for this month?


July Favourites

I’m back with another Favourites already! July has been an extremely busy month, not to mention the amazing/face-meltingly hot weather, meaning that getting ready has been a challenge to say the least! So here’s what I’ve been loving this month…


1. Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser in Aloe Fresh (£4.99 via Boots) – I’m not sure quite how I would have survived without this over the last couple of weeks. I’ve gone off the Radiant Cocoa version because the smell is a bit much over my perfume, but the aloe is ideal for the hot weather – cooling and soothing on overheated skin. This was a lifesaver after showering – spray all over, rub in and stand in front of a fan. You’re welcome!

2. Lorac Pro Palette ($42 via Ulta, no UK shipping) – My new favourite go-to palette. Few palettes have such a perfect mix of both mattes and shimmers in a super-slim palette that would take up minimal space in your travel bag. It’s not your typical neutral palette either, featuring the standard bronzes and browns as well as pink, mauve, white and a suit-all blue-silver shade – the matte white highlight shade has been a favourite for wearing on my browbone and the inner corners of my eyes, and the mauve shade makes an unusual and lovely crease shade for a subtle neutral eye look. And the formula – wonderfully pigmented, soft, easy to apply and blend. Brilliant value if you can get your hands on it!

3. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20 (£17 via MAC Cosmetics) – I’d had my eye on this for a while after reading some rave reviews on it but couldn’t quite justify the price for such a tiny little tube of product. Luckily my amazing mum treated me to one, since I’d been after it for so long. And so far it’s been perfect – brilliant coverage, zero creasing, spot-on colour match, and the tiniest amount goes a long way – I only need half a pump to cover up my under-eye circles. I can see this lasting a long time, so it’s absolutely worth the money!

4. Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly (£3.25 via Lush) – I’ve already gone on about this lovely novelty product in my Lush Haul post & I’ve been enjoying using it so much since. Although crumbly & can be a bit of a challenge in the shower, it’s best used as a whole (ie. taking the whole thing out of the pot and using like a bar of soap..careful not to drop it!) or a small amount rubbed into an exfoliating cloth for a fragrant all-over scrub. It smells a lot like my favourite Lush scent, The Comforter, which isn’t readily available in shower gel form – fruity and delicious. After a good few baths it’s lasting well, so very good value for money!

5. Lush 29 High Street Perfume (unavailable online) – Normally Poole isn’t the most exciting place to live (although I do love the beach), but one of our town’s claims to fame is that it’s the site of the first ever Lush store! The tiny shop is a bit of a walk from the regular high street & it’s absolutely worth it to get hold of this ultra-rare fragrance! I didn’t buy it til now because I’d never given it a chance – smelling straight out of the bottle it has a very strong tobacco/alcohol/lemon kind of scent, which was completely offputting. But give it a chance – have a spray and leave it to dry down for 10-20 minutes – it then smells completely magical and only then can you truly appreciate this complex fragrance. Like an entire Lush store crammed into a bottle. Not quite sure how they do it, but I can detect hints of favourite scents like Karma, Flying Fox, Butterball, Creamy Candy..strange isn’t it! It’s funny how anyone else who smells it can also pick up on their favourites in there too. It’s very concentrated and only a spray or two is needed to enjoy this unique scent, so this tiny bottle (around £30) should last for a very long time. I’ve been mostly sticking to lighter scents at the moment but I’ll be all about this as soon as the temperature drops a little.

6. MAC Flamingo Lipstick (£15.50 via MAC Cosmetics) – MAC lipsticks have gone up by another 50p over the last few weeks; luckily I got this right before that unannounced price hike! Flamingo is one of those shades I never thought to try since it looks so incredibly neon and bright in the tube, but being a Lustre formula it’s much more sheer and glossy, coming out as a lovely & wearable bright red-pink summer shade that isn’t going to drain your face of colour or highlight skin discolourations, as neon lip shades tend to do. I can imagine this suiting just about any skin tone, pale or deep. Absolutely worth trying if you’re in the MAC store! Though I’m now going to put off buying more MAC lipsticks til I can go to the US where they’re a little more affordable.


Those are all my favourites for July! Hope the first few days of August have been wonderful, and be sure to share your current favourites below!