September Favourites

September has been one of the most difficult months of my life, but I still wanted to share my favourites from this month! I was hoping to put up a post on packing makeup for travel, but that’ll be up soon enough! Because this month has been very hectic for me I’ve kept everything very minimal & I hope you enjoy!

1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (£8.99 via Boots) – Finally the weather is cool enough to wear foundations again! I love my ultra-light Bourjois CC cream, but I did miss my Rimmel foundation favourite – good medium coverage and easy to apply with a very subtle glow. I never thought I’d like this having oily skin, but it wears well over a primer and the illuminating effect it gives is never over-the-top. A perfect easy, everyday base for all skin types.

2. Basin Pink Sugar Body Butter ($16.99 via Basin) – I really wish Basin products were sold in the UK – everything smells divine and does wonders for your skin! These body butters are seriously the best I’ve ever tried – a super-lightweight whipped formula with a selection of gorgeous scents, which sink in fast with no greasy residue. I’m not a fan of The Body Shop butters, they’re far too sticky and greasy for me. Containing generous amounts of cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter, your skin will feel baby soft afterwards. The ‘Pink Sugar’ collection smells of candyfloss and as much as I’d love to bring the scrub and other products home with me on my trip soon, they’d be a bit too heavy to take with me unfortunately!

3. MAC Lip Conditioner (£11.50 via MAC Cosmetics) – Nuxe Reve de Miel is my ultimate go-to lip balm, but the pot definitely isn’t the most hygienic to use when travelling. This has been ideal when I’m out and my lips feel a bit dry – the almond oil and shea butter formula feels wonderfully hydrating on my lips too – most lip balms just dry my lips out even more. This little squeeze tube will be invaluable when I’m away next month!

4. E.L.F. Zit Zapper (£1.95 via E.L.F.) – Although products from ELF are brilliant for the price, I don’t seem to use them much! But I’ve yet to find a substitute for this incredibly useful little tool – a tiny roll-on for spots. I’ve been having the worst hormonal acne around my jaw and chin, and this really does speed up the healing process. Just apply the little roller on the affected area and leave overnight – usually they will be hugely improved the next day. The salicylic acid formula does wonders for even the most troublesome of spots, and you can’t beat that price.

5. MAC Brow Pencil in Lingering (£13.50 via MAC Cosmetics) – I thought I was happy enough with my Collection Brow Definer, but then I picked this up to buy with my latest Beales voucher (their rewards card is excellent) and discovered that it’s so much better than any other brow product I’ve tried before. The shade Lingering is a perfect match for those with naturally dark blonde to light brown brows – it’s so hard to find a decent colour match for my hair colour. The ultra-fine tip of this propelling pencil is ideal for drawing in subtle brow hairs to build up sparse areas without looking obviously drawn-on. I go over the top of this with my MAC Brow Set in Beguile for perfect, defined eyebrows – you’d never guess how light and non-existent my natural ones are!

6. MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup (£15.50 via MAC Cosmetics) – Yep, still on my MAC kick as you can tell! I’ve recently had my hair dyed a dark purple shade with hints of red, meaning I can now get away with wearing certain lip colours I couldn’t’s the little pleasures in life! Creme Cup is my favourite pale pink shade in the creamy, comfortable and generally lovely Cremesheen formula – a bit too pink to wear with a bare face due to my redness, but just right for wearing with a full face. One of those cult favourites that suit almost anyone – it complements my darker hair well (I look so Alex Vause in this!) and have been wearing it more than any other shades in my vast collection this month.

7. Yankee Candle Island Sunset Swirl Medium Jar Candle (£16.99 via Yankee Candle UK) – I’m normally a Bath and Body Works candle addict, but after finding myself in a Yankee Candle store recently I couldn’t leave without buying something! I’ve been wanting their Pink Sands candle for a while, however the smaller sizes were sold out and I couldn’t quite justify the steep price of the larger jars. I actually spotted this unique swirl candle on sale for £12.49 – Pink Sands mixed with the Sun & Sand frangrance, which smelled gorgeous. Pink Sands is described as a blend of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla (ie. divine), and Sun & Sand pretty much smells like sunscreen and the beach! Swirled together, this is the ideal end-of-summer fragrance, reminding you of a dreamy tropical beach holiday. On my second burn, this started to give off an excellent throw (it barely smelled at all the first time) and burns evenly. More Yankee Candles in the near future, I think!

That’s it for my September Favourites! I’m sure October will be a much better month for me – September has definitely been a rough one. I hope you have had a wonderful month – let me know what you’ve been loving this month!


A Primark Travel Haul!

I did it: I finally booked a return ticket to the USA for 3 weeks! I can’t wait to catch up with my family, enjoy the sunshine and do some serious shopping. But first, I perused my local Primark for a few must-have travel bits and pieces that I couldn’t possibly leave British soil without…


1. P.S. Cosmetic Pads (£1) – Whenever I head to Primark I have to stock up on these big packs of cotton rounds! Decent enough quality for everything you’d need – micellar water cleansing, removing eye makeup, sanitising brushes, etc. Asda has similar ones for pretty much the same price, but I’m more of a Tesco person so Primark is the place to go for me. Not to mention the packaging is a whole lot cuter than it used to be.

2. Opia 2-pack Headbands (£1) – Finally found some old-school 90s headbands, and at a great price! Though I won’t be rocking these outside the house anytime soon. These stretchy fabric headbands are ideal for wearing to bed or whilst doing makeup to keep hair off my face. Ideal for keeping in my hand luggage when doing an in-flight moisture mask, just to avoid getting my hair greasy and gross!

3. Plastic Travel Bottle Set (£1) – By far the cheapest set I’ve seen! This ultra-handy set consists of three semi-squeezy bottles, a small pot, a tiny funnel and useful labels, perfect for decanting all your essentials. These are a necessity for me: I pack with military-like precision, so there is no way I’ll be taking product I won’t use! I prefer decanting my own products where possible rather than buying minis of everything, as there’s nothing more depressing than spending valuable holiday time looking for a non-drying shampoo, or a cleanser that doesn’t make your face burn. Learned from experience!

4. P.S. Cosmetic Sharpener (£1) – Something I always forget! Not only does this invaluable tool offer dual sharpening holes for both chunky and slim pencils, the plastic casing ensures the residue from sharpening soft pencils won’t rub off all over your makeup bag afterwards. Not too bad for £1! A bargain compared to practically identical products from other stores.

5. x3 Pairs Cotton Rich Shoe Liners (£1.50 per pack) – My favourite summer socks to wear with my Primark canvas laceups / £6 Converse style shoes! A colour to compliment any outfit and so cute with the more subtle lace detail poking out of the top. I wear them so much and was so disappointed when the lace on two of the pairs somehow got stained grey and I couldn’t find more pairs. Luckily they’re available again! These tiny trainer socks are so small but stretch out comfortably when worn, so an excellent choice for packing whilst looking perfectly on-trend.

6. Opia Sunglasses with Case [not pictured] (£2) – A new pair of sunglasses for driving, hence why I left them in the car for now! All the sunglasses I own are from Primark – plenty of cute, on-trend designs costing from £1 – 2, so feel free to wear them at festivals and on waterslides, and not be too upset if they get broken or lost. My pair was featured horizontal blue and white nautical striped cat eye frames and a plain black case to keep them from getting scratched.

Things I Didn’t Get That You Might Want To Consider…

  • Luggage Scales – I believe these were just £2? My aunt already has one – they’re one of the most useful things you can pack in your suitcase. If you think you’re going to overload your case on the way home or just want to know how many more kilograms of shopping you can stuff in before your flight home, these will ensure you won’t get a nasty shock when you end up being charged for excess baggage at the airport.
  • Luggage Tags (£1 each) – If your luggage goes astray, a cute luggage tag will conceal your home address from less-than-savoury individuals whilst ensuring it can be returned to you if it does go missing. Don’t fly without one!
  • Hairdresser Sectioning Clips (£1 per pack) – Long black plastic crocodile style clips to help when styling hair, or just keeping a long fringe out of your face when flying. I always have a few of these on me when at home or travelling, mainly just for keeping hair out of my face when I want to relax.
  • Gilette Satin Care Mini Shave Gel (£1) – These can be bought in most large stores, but they’re cheapest in Primark. An essential for smooth, hairless legs when you’re away, without having to bring along a giant container of shave gel.
  • Cosy Socks – Nothing worse than having chilly feet on a plane or in a strange hotel! Bring a couple of pairs of Primark’s fluffy socks to keep your toes warm and comfortable – I have too many pairs to count these days.


All of the items I purchased cost less than £10 in total, which I was quite happy about! Primark has so many brilliant travel beauty and non-beauty travel items in stock lately, all for bargain prices. Let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed out, and what you’ve bought in Primark lately?

July & August Empties

Thanks for all your kind words and likes recently! I’m no big-time blogger and just like to write about products to share my honest experiences with others and help you discover lovely new things, so any kind of feedback and sharing is so wonderful!

We’ve reached the end of August, which means time to empty out my enormous bag of rubbish and tell you all about it!


What a load of rubbish..

 Bath & Body

1. Garnier Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Replenishing Lotion in Shea Butter (£3.28 via Boots) – I think this is the 2nd giant bottle of this I’ve used up? My go-to body lotion: light and fast-absorbing, yet very moisturising and afforable. Ideal for when you don’t have time for greasy, sticky body butters – this stuff sinks right in and doesn’t interfere with your perfume’s scent – brilliant! Repurchase? Yes.

2. Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Soap in Vanilla Bean Noel (no longer available) – This was part of my Canadian beauty swap back in February, and it took me such a long time to use up this soap! Yes, I wash my hands multiple times a day – it’s just that this was a bit drying to use on my hands too much, despite the heavenly vanilla scent. As much as I love the variety of scents that B&BW offers, unfortunately these dried out my hands way too much. Repurchase? Nope.

3. Mitchum Powder Fresh Anti-Perspirant Roll On (£2.89 via Superdrug) – Despite the less-than-pretty old style packaging, this is by far my favourite deodorant. Talking about armpits and sweating isn’t the most pleasant topic, but getting the right deodorant is so important! As well as keeping underarms dry all day for just about everyone (even teens and athletes), the subtle scent isn’t at all strong yet disguises any odour, so this doesn’t interfere with other fragrances you might be wearing. Despite wearing this every single day, these take me the longest time to use up – the newer packaging is a bit more attractive! Repurchase? Yes.

4. Lush D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap (from £5.75 via Lush) – I featured this in my Lush haul not so long ago, and look how quickly I used it up! It’s not that I’m monstrously hairy – just that you need to use quite a lot if you’re shaving legs as well as anywhere else, so it disappears quickly! Allows for a smooth, close shave and I’ve *yet* (fingers crossed) to cut myself shaving whilst using this. And it smells gorgeous, though more of a rose scent than a strawberry one. Definitely more of a luxury bath item, since if you’re shaving regularly it would get pretty expensive to keep repurchasing! Repurchase? Yes.

5. Lush Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream (£16.95 via Lush) – Lost count of how many times I’ve used and rebought this! Your delicate eye area needs a specialist eye cream, so why not other delicate areas? This keeps my chest and neck area well-moisturised and smelling gorgeous. It’s no boob-lift in a pot, but does give a subtle firming effect. A little on the pricier side, but I notice a difference when I don’t use it and it really does feel like a luxury product. One of those not-so-necessary necessities that I don’t want to be without! Repurchase? Yes.

6. Various Lush Bubble Bars, Soap & Bath Bombs…

  • Pink Fun unfortunately melted on me in the hot weather, but at least I could still use it in the bath! I’d bought this before and wasn’t that impressed, but received this as part of a Christmas gift so I used it up anyway. Smelling quite similar to the Creamy Candy bubble bars by Lush, this has a fruity and caramel kind of scent, very sweet and quite pleasant. However it didn’t produce many bubbles and I’m not really young enough to enjoy the novelty playdough aspect of it, but this could be the perfect thing to get little kids to take a bath! Repurchase? No.
  • Honey Bee – a sweet smell and sweet name, but a not-so-sweet bathing experience. The only good thing was the tasty honey smell. It looked like someone had urinated in my bath water and it temporarily stained the tub bright yellow, so I had to scrub it out vigourously after finishing – so much for a nice relaxing bath! Not to mention, it stained my pale pink toenail polish yellow – it looked like my nails were mouldy! Bath bombs aren’t exactly cheap, so I kind of feel I wasted my money with this one. Repurchase? No.
  • I got through two whole Dorothy bubble bars, a joint favourite with the sweet-smelling Comforter bar. I crumble half a bar under running water and the dreamy ylang-ylang and orange flower scent instantly relaxes me – not something I’d usually pick but it’s my go-to Lush product after a stressful day! Repurchase? Yes.
  • A new one for me! I tried out the Karma Soap as a hand soap after receiving a couple of generous sample sizes, and it may have swayed me from liquid hand soap for good. I got put off by the initial dry feeling of soap bars, but it doesn’t linger after drying your hands. Not to mention, the smell is gorgeous – Karma is one of my top favourite Lush scents, a love-it-or-hate-it blend of citrus and patchouli oils to create this dreamy, hippie-style scent. Who needs liquid soap when you have a sweet-smelling Lush soap? Repurchase? Yes.



7. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment (£7.99 via Boots) – Despite its over-perfumed scent and higher than average price for a hair product from Boots, I’ve really grown to like this deep conditioner! I leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and after rinsing out, my hair is strokeably soft, looking and feeling much more healthy on the damaged ends, meaning it has a better chance of growing out. It doesn’t make my hair feel greasy or heavy at all. Though I still really don’t like the scent – smelling like cheap perfume isn’t my style! Repurchase? Yes.

8. Tigi S-Factor Heat Defender Flat Iron Shine Spray (£11.55 via BeautyBay) – Despite using every few days, this took me well over a year to finish! It’s pricier than your typical heat protecting spray but well worth the money – not just because of how long it lasted me, because it actually works! Spritz this strawberry-scented product sparingly (I use 5-6 sprays total for my long hair since much more can cause serious oiliness otherwise) all over before using heated tools, and it will prevent your precious hair from getting fried and damaged by straighteners and blow dryers. Not to mention you’ll smell fantastic afterwards. Seriously the best heat protection spray I’ve ever used, I don’t ever want to be without it now! Repurchase? Yes.

9. Lush American Cream Hair Conditioner (from £4.50 via Lush) – The hair conditioner I always keep coming back to. It’s a bit of a nostalgic one for me since I’ve used it on and off for nearly 10 years, and it’s one of those products where the smell alone completely transports you back in time. This thick, creamy conditioner keeps hair soft and the mouth-watering vanilla and sage scent will earn you countless compliments – really, you’ll smell amazing. The only downside is that a few months after the expiry date the product starts to turn a strange consistency, meaning I can’t always have this in stock in my bathroom and instead have to go out and purchase it exactly when needed in fear of it expiring early. Repurchase? Yes.

10. Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo (£4.69 via Boots) – The shampoo I’ll always go back to. Whatever products mess up my hair and leave it looking dried out and gross, I can always count on this to do the job time after time. It’s not the most moisturising shampoo out there, but definitely helps when you’re trying to condition dry and damaged hair without the risk of drying it out even further with harsh shampoo. I always have a bottle or two of this stashed away and ready to use! Repurchase? Yes.


Skincare & Makeup

11. Yes To Carrots Nourishing Gentle Cleansing Wipes (£3.19 via Feel Unique) – After recently trying out the Cucumber version of these and finding them thoroughly average, I needed to know if the classic Carrot ones were any better. They do have a slight citrus/carrot scent to them which I wasn’t too keen on. Sadly, just like the Cucumber wipes, these stung my eyes! They did an okay job of removing the bulk of my makeup (I’d never use wipes to completely cleanse my face) but I can’t put up with wipes that hurt my eyes. Repurchase? No.

12. Nuxe Contour Des Yeux Prodigieux Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Eye Cream [Sample] (£18.50 via Feel Unique for full size) – Being a big fan of French skincare and loving my Reve de Miel, I was thoroughly expecting Nuxe’s eye cream to blow me away; sadly that wasn’t the case! With a thick serum-like consistency, it did a decent job at moisturising my under-eye area, but I just couldn’t handle the absurdly strong scent for more than a few days. Surely anything this over-perfumed near the eyes can’t be doing them any good?! Repurchase? No.

13. La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water (from £2.95 via Escentual) – Invaluable for hot weather after cleansing! During the heatwave I was spraying this all over my face several times a day and it did wonders for briefly and blissfully cooling me down. When my skin’s particularly irritated, I use this in place of toner. Soothing and cooling without menthol or other unnecessary added ingredients. Repurchase? Yes.

14. La Roche-Posay Hydreane Legere (£10.20 via Escentual) – Still my favourite moisturiser, day or night – this ultra-light cream absorbs fast and adds moisture to the skin without appearing greasy in the least. I’m such a LRP fangirl lately, but their products work wonders for difficult and sensitive skin. Many products seem to give decent results but don’t actually last; this one has been keeping my skin looking and feeling better than ever for months now. The only drawback is that it runs out too fast – one little tube only seems to last 4-6 weeks for me. Worth it though. And let’s face it, there are far pricier moisturisers out there. Repurchase? Yes.

15. Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets (£2.99 each via Ocado) – Powering through these brilliant little sheets! Before purchasing online though, I urge you to check out your local Home Bargains where I bought a basket full of these for 29p per pack months ago. I keep a pack in each of my handbags at all times as well as at my dresser so I always have them on hand to blot any oiliness. Pretty much the same as the Clean & Clear sheets in texture, far better than flimsy tissue paper-like imitations. I always have my eye out for these, I really don’t want to run out anytime soon! Repurchase? Yes.

16. Origins GinZing Eye Cream (£23 via Origins) – As much as I appreciate what the brand is all about, nothing from Origins has yet to prove itself worthy of its price tag to me! I picked up the GinZing eye cream this time last year, shortly after the range was released. Due to its lighter texture and ‘illuminating’ properties, I used this as my daytime eye cream for 9 months – this stuff lasted ages as you only need a tiny amount. Sadly it’s really nothing special, the glowy-ness is due to the metallic sheen of the cream itself, not because of magic or the product actually working. Nothing special here – a shame, as the GinZing range seemed so promising! Repurchase? No.

17. Collection Longer Lash Waterproof Mascara in Black (£2.98 each via Asda) – Not one but two of the same mascara! The first one I’d opened around a year ago and used a few times (waterproof mascara is a must-have in sweaty, humid summer weather!), but unfortunately it had dried up over time so I chucked it. After enjoying the great longer, defined lashes and waterproof finish this mascara gave me first time around, I repurchased. Sadly, this new one must have been opened previously, as it was pretty much dried up by the time I’d brought it home! So disappointing – after trying repeatedly to get it to work, I just had to throw that one too. As much as I love this formula when it’s in its intended state, I really don’t want to buy yet another and discover I have to bin it right away. Factory-sealed mascara is the way to go. Repurchase? Probably not.

I hope you enjoyed checking out everything I’ve used up over July and August – it’s such a good feeling to finally recycle them! I love reading other peoples’ empties posts, so feel free to share yours below if you’ve written one too!