A Primark Travel Haul!

I did it: I finally booked a return ticket to the USA for 3 weeks! I can’t wait to catch up with my family, enjoy the sunshine and do some serious shopping. But first, I perused my local Primark for a few must-have travel bits and pieces that I couldn’t possibly leave British soil without…


1. P.S. Cosmetic Pads (£1) – Whenever I head to Primark I have to stock up on these big packs of cotton rounds! Decent enough quality for everything you’d need – micellar water cleansing, removing eye makeup, sanitising brushes, etc. Asda has similar ones for pretty much the same price, but I’m more of a Tesco person so Primark is the place to go for me. Not to mention the packaging is a whole lot cuter than it used to be.

2. Opia 2-pack Headbands (£1) – Finally found some old-school 90s headbands, and at a great price! Though I won’t be rocking these outside the house anytime soon. These stretchy fabric headbands are ideal for wearing to bed or whilst doing makeup to keep hair off my face. Ideal for keeping in my hand luggage when doing an in-flight moisture mask, just to avoid getting my hair greasy and gross!

3. Plastic Travel Bottle Set (£1) – By far the cheapest set I’ve seen! This ultra-handy set consists of three semi-squeezy bottles, a small pot, a tiny funnel and useful labels, perfect for decanting all your essentials. These are a necessity for me: I pack with military-like precision, so there is no way I’ll be taking product I won’t use! I prefer decanting my own products where possible rather than buying minis of everything, as there’s nothing more depressing than spending valuable holiday time looking for a non-drying shampoo, or a cleanser that doesn’t make your face burn. Learned from experience!

4. P.S. Cosmetic Sharpener (£1) – Something I always forget! Not only does this invaluable tool offer dual sharpening holes for both chunky and slim pencils, the plastic casing ensures the residue from sharpening soft pencils won’t rub off all over your makeup bag afterwards. Not too bad for £1! A bargain compared to practically identical products from other stores.

5. x3 Pairs Cotton Rich Shoe Liners (£1.50 per pack) – My favourite summer socks to wear with my Primark canvas laceups / £6 Converse style shoes! A colour to compliment any outfit and so cute with the more subtle lace detail poking out of the top. I wear them so much and was so disappointed when the lace on two of the pairs somehow got stained grey and I couldn’t find more pairs. Luckily they’re available again! These tiny trainer socks are so small but stretch out comfortably when worn, so an excellent choice for packing whilst looking perfectly on-trend.

6. Opia Sunglasses with Case [not pictured] (£2) – A new pair of sunglasses for driving, hence why I left them in the car for now! All the sunglasses I own are from Primark – plenty of cute, on-trend designs costing from £1 – 2, so feel free to wear them at festivals and on waterslides, and not be too upset if they get broken or lost. My pair was featured horizontal blue and white nautical striped cat eye frames and a plain black case to keep them from getting scratched.

Things I Didn’t Get That You Might Want To Consider…

  • Luggage Scales – I believe these were just £2? My aunt already has one – they’re one of the most useful things you can pack in your suitcase. If you think you’re going to overload your case on the way home or just want to know how many more kilograms of shopping you can stuff in before your flight home, these will ensure you won’t get a nasty shock when you end up being charged for excess baggage at the airport.
  • Luggage Tags (£1 each) – If your luggage goes astray, a cute luggage tag will conceal your home address from less-than-savoury individuals whilst ensuring it can be returned to you if it does go missing. Don’t fly without one!
  • Hairdresser Sectioning Clips (£1 per pack) – Long black plastic crocodile style clips to help when styling hair, or just keeping a long fringe out of your face when flying. I always have a few of these on me when at home or travelling, mainly just for keeping hair out of my face when I want to relax.
  • Gilette Satin Care Mini Shave Gel (£1) – These can be bought in most large stores, but they’re cheapest in Primark. An essential for smooth, hairless legs when you’re away, without having to bring along a giant container of shave gel.
  • Cosy Socks – Nothing worse than having chilly feet on a plane or in a strange hotel! Bring a couple of pairs of Primark’s fluffy socks to keep your toes warm and comfortable – I have too many pairs to count these days.


All of the items I purchased cost less than £10 in total, which I was quite happy about! Primark has so many brilliant travel beauty and non-beauty travel items in stock lately, all for bargain prices. Let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed out, and what you’ve bought in Primark lately?


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