What I Got For Christmas [Beauty Selection]

A bit late to the post-Christmas haul, but thought I’d finally get around to putting away my wonderful festive gifts and show you what I got in the process! As always, *insert I’m-not-bragging disclaimer here* – personally I love to read these particular posts so thought you might too!  A quick snap of my beauty-only gifts this year..

So pleased and grateful for EVERYTHING!

1. Lush Think Pink Box (from both my parents) – Anyone who has to buy me a gift can never go wrong with Lush! Especially in a big, beautiful pink box full of some of my favourites. This really was the best choice for me, it’s a very generously sized selection and out of all the products there is perhaps one that I won’t use, but everything else is amazing! Stuffed full of a mix of 12 full size products – bath bombs, soaps, bubble bars and lotion – plus a sample Helping Hands hand cream, this piece of the permanent gift set selection is a winner for any time of year. The big beautiful ribbon is far too lovely to undo, but at the same time I can’t wait to start using everything!

2. MAC Turquatic fragrance (from my dad) – Anyone else get separate presents from each parent, even when they’re still together? Or maybe just me?! My mum tends to buy quirky, natural and unique little boutique gifts, whilst my dad will usually just ask what you need/want and get that – both great to me! I’m about halfway through my mini size Turquatic and the bigger size is much better value for money, so hopefully I can crack into this soon! Turquatic is a really unique floral-woody-ocean scent and one that works really well for me in cooler weather. And it’s not too expensive, so definitely worth picking up the smaller size or rollerball if you’re curious!

3. Viva La Juicy fragrance (from my nan) – Another pick which was clearly chosen by me haha! As my nan is 89 and has trouble moving around, let alone getting out of the house for a bit of Christmas shopping, so she gave me a budget for a gift I’d like and she’d wrap it up herself (very sweet of her as she’s so ill at the moment and it’s a real struggle for her). I wanted to choose something special that wasn’t totally disposable and I could still keep around, but still would enjoy. I have a tiny size of Viva La Juicy I bought from WalMart in the US a couple of years ago and loved it as a fruity-floral, casual, go-to scent, so I found this giant beautiful bottle of the stuff from AllBeauty on offer for half price! Once I use up the baby size, the giant bottle will look so fabulous on my dressing table, as well as being a very wearable scent I never tire of.

4. TokyoMilk Dark Everything and Nothing (from my dad) – Last fragrance gift – are you sensing a theme here?! I’m currently going through a minor fragrance obsession and was disappointed when I fell so much in love with the mini rollerball of this scent I picked up from Sephora in the US, yet couldn’t have it sent here due to shipping restrictions. I pleaded on MakeupAlley if anyone was able to get them in the UK, and behold, someone directed me to Wild and Funk! For a reasonable price and not a giant mark up! My dad was kind enough to get it for me since I loved the rollerball scent so much, which I’m very grateful for indeed. The site even has TokyoMilk candles (which are so lovely, by the way), so I’ll definitely be checking them out again in future!

5. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector (from my mum) – I know it’s starting to appear like my dad got me all kinds of great stuff and all my mum got me was a hand cream, but she got me some wonderful home bits and other non-beauty things as well, so it’s not one-sided at all! My mum knows this is my favourite hand cream yet I don’t shop enough in the Body Shop to take advantage of their regular offers, so she was very kind to get it for me, especially since my hands get so dry in the winter! One of my bedside table essentials I can never be without.

6. MAC Heirloom Mix Mineralize Blush in Modest (from my dad) – The white brush set in MAC’s holiday collection was sold out everywhere, so this was the only item in the holiday set I was really interested in! I swatched both Modest and Sweet Sentiment blushes at my local MAC counter, and thought Modest was more wearable for me – warmer and peachier; SS was a bit too pink and cool-toned for my liking. A stunning, wearable blush with a lovely highlighting sheen – not glittery! All the Mineralize blushes give the most beautiful dual blush-highlight effect which is why they always draw me in every time. I’m still working on finishing up my MAC Launch Away blush as I’ve recently hit pan(!), so when I use that up I’ll be giving this a go! So glad I received this!

7. NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette (from my dad) – The holiday palette that everyone’s been talking about! I was kicking myself for not picking up the NARS One Night Stand palette last year, so this should satisfy my NARS blush palette craving! This gorgeous palette contains a large Laguna bronzer (one I’ve been curious to try for a while) as well as Miss Liberty highlighter (shimmery pale peach-coloured highlight), Sex Fantasy (pale lavender-pink matte blush), Final Cut (matte coral-peachy blush) and Deep Throat (a cult favourite warm shimmery peach-pink). Cannot wait to start using this! My mum also got me the Digital World lip pencil set as a thank you gift a couple of months ago, which was the other main NARS holiday release this year, so I feel thoroughly spoiled and very lucky to have both!

8. Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette (from my dad) – Have I got enough blush yet?! A stunning piece I had my eye on for months. I was scared it would sell out well before Christmas like the Benefit blush set sadly did, but surprisingly it’s still available here despite being limited edition! I’ve swatched it with my fingers and it is the softest, most beautifully glowy blush formula I’ve ever tried. It really is stunning, from the colours to the packaging to the formula – well worth saving up for if you’re considering it!

That’s all I got beauty-wise for Christmas – I feel truly lucky and thankful that my family are so generous! I can’t wait to start trying out these throughout 2015 and I’m sure they’ll start popping up again in a Favourites or review post very soon! What did you get for Christmas? Let me know if you have any particular favourite gifts!


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