April Favourites

It’s Favourites time again! I ended up having to skip last month’s due to unexpectedly ending up on a transatlantic flight towards the end of the month (oh, and completely falling for someone lovely whilst over there..), so here’s an April Favourites stuffed with my completely up-to-date beauty obsessions! 


1. Lush Roots Hair Treatment (£10.25 via Lush) – As anyone else who is worryingly attached to their longer hair knows, the mandatory ‘maintenance haircut’ to trim those looming split ends never fails to fill you with (slightly) irrational fear. As brilliant and talented as my hairdresser is, my trimmed hair always feels a little uncomfortably short and I’m counting down the weeks until my hair (hopefully) returns to its former glory; I doubt anyone else even notices but it definitely bugs me for a while! I’d tried Roots a couple of times before and wasn’t quite sure what to think, but have decided I actually quite like it! Applying an egg-sized dollop (rather than the entire half tub which Lush recommend!), I attempt to massage it into the roots of dry hair before washing (harder than it sounds, it’s much more tricky to apply it to the roots of longer hair), some coconut oil on the ends, and put in a big lobster clip to leave for half an hour or so, after which the peppermint & spearmint oils make it start tingling a little. After washing out and blow-drying thoroughly, the roots of my hair feel so soft, clean, volumised and healthy – the olive oil and honey condition and give shine to even fine hair. On top of leaving roots clean and healthy, the tingly minty oils are meant to stimulate the scalp for new hair growth, and of course the conditioning ingredients ensure the new hair is in top form. Pricey for a hair treatment, but I think the tub should last me 5-6 uses in total, possibly more for those with shorter hair. I’ll keep using this once a week in preparation for my next hair colouring in mid-May!

2. Lush Kitchen Twilight Shower Gel (currently unavailable) –  Two Lush favourite products in a row? You should be surprised it’s only two – I have a serious obsession, and my hoard of bubble bars, shower gels and lotions from the limited edition Lush Kitchen is getting wildly out of control – another reason to stick to a budget! But there was no way I could possibly turn down Twilight when Lush announced their first batch recently. More than just your grandma’s lavender shower gel, and aside from being beautifully glittery, the Twilight scent has the wonderful tonka bean note, which makes it sweeter and much more tolerable and beautiful than your regular lavender – everyone needs to try it. Twilight is also my top pick for pre-bedtime baths since the scent is so relaxing & helps me sleep!

3. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (£19 via Debenhams) – As much as I completely disagree with the name, you can’t dispute that this is a great mascara! I received this in a British Beauty Blogger box a while ago when the product was first released and have had it in my stash for a while – I doubt you’d see me paying almost £20 for a mascara myself! As much of a devotee of the cheaper ‘drugstore’ mascara I am, this one gives seriously impressive length and volume in a single swipe, without flaking or smudging. The only problem is, if you get it in your eye by accident it stings badly (learning from experience as always) and will make your eye water everywhere – so stay away if you have ultra-sensitive eyes! Fortunately it’s only happened to me once. On top of its great performance, the packaging feels heavy and luxe in your hand, and the shaped bristle brush allows the product to be applied flawlessly in all the right places. Still think they could have chosen a better name though!

4. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide (£12.75 via Escentual) –  My new favourite go-to daily moisturiser, not to mention La Roche-Posay is one of those rare brands you can always rely on to do good for your skin, and won’t bankrupt you in the process. Toleriane Fluide is a super-lightweight moisturiser ideal for wearing under makeup and/or in the warmer weather, since it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin matte rather than shiny, whilst still hydrating the skin – everything oily and combination skin needs. And personally I love pump bottles, making the product so easy to use Perfect for holidays and summer – I can see myself needing to repurchase this soon!

5. Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream in Ivory (£7.99 via Boots) – After picking this up as an afterthought in a 3 for 2 deal, I’d forgotten about it until I realised how much I dislike the yellow tones of so many budget concealers – that stuff doesn’t cut it on my cool-toned skin! The click-pen packaging is a bit of a novelty, and not to mention a bit tricky when you have foundation and/or primer on your hands, but it manages to seamlessly neutralise redness and discolouration without looking like you’re wearing makeup at all. This is a perfect easy product to quickly swipe on under my eyes when I’m in a rush or don’t feel like wearing much makeup, and is also a great product for travelling as it’s so slim and small. The only issue is it’ll be hard to tell when this is almost gone until I’ve used the whole thing up..

6. Grande Brow Eyebrow Formula (£52.42 via Overstock.com) – Firstly I didn’t pay quite so much for this product! A family friend in Orlando owns her own beauty salon, and after doing a fantastic job of shaping and tinting my brows during my visit, she recommended this for growing back the more sparse areas and sold it to me for the reduced price of $45 (around £29). I’ve always had issues with my brows being sparse thanks to an incident involving cutting them off as a child, as well as some slight over-plucking in the past. I’d been using MAC’s lash growth formula and after 3 months found it didn’t really do much. I’ve been using this for just under two weeks and have noticed far more growth than months of using the MAC one ever did! It is the same formula as Grande Lash MD eyelash growth serum, but with a thicker brush more suitable for applying to brows. I brush a small amount onto the front of each brow as well as just under the arch and tails (the thinnest/most sparse areas) every morning and evening. It is recommended to use this regularly for 6-8 weeks before using just a couple of times a week to maintain healthy growth. The brow version is fairly new and seems to be US-only for now, but if you can get hold of it for a reduced price I’d recommend it to anyone (£50+ is more than I can afford on one of anything, even if it’s excellent).

7. Sephora Collection Universal Atomiser ($16 via Sephora) – One of my new travel essentials! I originally bought mine off Ebay for a little less, but hadn’t had the opportunity to use it until my most recent trip. With air travel, every bit of weight really counts and so I’m very strict with what I pack. I really didn’t want to take my chunky glass bottle of Escentric Molecules 01 due to weight and potential leakage, but then again really didn’t want to be without it..what to do?! This was the perfect solution – this tiny atomiser was so easy and fuss-free to fill up, fit in my little clear makeup bag perfectly and didn’t leak at all despite lugging it around deep inside my suitcase and handbag numerous times. I took a couple of other spray perfume samples (one of which leaked), a rollerball and a solid, and despite using this one almost daily for 3 weeks, this tiny size lasted me perfectly. I’ll happily be filling it up again for my next trip and would recommend it for anyone, whether you’re travelling to Australia or travelling to work down the road.

8. Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette ($46 via Sephora) – Contouring is undeniably a huge trend right now, & this is the palette everyone and their grandma seem to be lusting after (grandmas need hot cheekbones too). I’d previously been using Benefit Hoola bronzer for contouring, but needed something a bit more taupe and light for me. The lightest brown shade is perfect for using under my natural cheekbones applied and blended out with my Make Up For Ever 158 Double Ended Contour Brush, and a dusting of the middle brown shade is ideal for bronzer on my temples and around the outside of my face. The formula is so much more pigmented than cheaper contouring products I’ve tried, and applies beautifully onto the skin. My only complaints is that I wish the shades were sold separately, or at least in a smaller travel palette, as the palette is quite large and chunky, the highlight shades don’t really show up on my pale skin, and I can’t see myself using the darkest shade. Despite these minor issues, this has been ideal to keep on my dressing table and use for some everyday contouring.

Those are my current favourites for April! Hope you enjoyed reading, and would love to know if you’ve tried any of these out yourself! What are your favourite products this month? Feel free to link me to your monthly favourites post below!


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