A Bumper-Size Lush Oxford Street Haul!

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may realise I have a slight obsession with Lush. Just a little bit. I mean, I only have two giant storage boxes and a bathroom full of it. I only visit there every single week, and obsessively order from the Lush Kitchen. And I’ve only applied to work there 4 times, you know. Okay, maybe I have a major Lush obsession, but there really are worse things to be addicted to! As I’m planning on a long trip 4000 miles away to see my favourite guy, I’m trying to be good with my money and not shoving it all at Lush for once, but I couldn’t resist checking out their brand sparkling new 3-storey Oxford Street store the first chance I got! And I wanted to share all the goodies with you too!

Heaven is Lush Oxford Street…

The store itself is absolutely stunning; I just wish I had taken more pics but as you can imagine I was a little distracted! Above you can see some of their beautiful new bath melts, including the delicious-smelling Shark Infested Custard, which sold out in a flash in the Lush Kitchen this morning! They reminded me of the old-fashioned pick ‘n’ mix sweets! On the far wall behind the mirror you can catch a glimpse of the brightly-coloured Experimenter bath bomb and wintery, sparkly Frozen bath bomb, and some Oxford Street soap and the Dragon dual bubble wand reflected in the mirror behind me.

My initial haul photo – clearly I have a thing for shower gels!

I picked up..

  • Life’s A Beach Body Scrub Powder – I still haven’t opened this as I have so much other body scrub to work through right now, but after a very similar version was released in Australia to rave reviews a while ago, I knew I had to grab one for myself! I’ve been informed this is vanilla-scented however; whereas the down-under version smelled of watermelon.
  • Don’t Rain On My Parade shower gel – This dreamy shower gel seems to be one of the most popular, with a gorgeous blueberry-vanilla scent. Haven’t tried this in the shower yet either, but I really hope there are more products to come in this scent!
  • Lord of Misrule Shower Cream – When I found out the store was carrying Lord of Misrule products, I may have screamed a little bit. This was the single product I was most excited for. Although I’m not totally disappointed: it doesn’t have quite the balancing creamy sweetness that the perfume and bath bomb versions have, instead smelling very strong and more bitter to me – I guess they went a little too heavy on the patchouli and black pepper. And it is much runnier than I expected for a ‘cream’ product. The perfume version would always be hard to live up to, but still, I’m glad there is nowΒ  something that’s pretty close to the beloved original scent, & I’ve still been quite enjoying using this for my bathtime!
  • Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream – I was never one to reach for the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroons in store previously, but I’m always keen to try out new shower gels (as you can see). Described as a ‘chocolate orange’ scent, it definitely smells more coconutty to me than anything, and as I’m not keen on coconut scents I’m a little skeptical, and can’t decide just yet if I’ll like it or not. But I’m excited to try it, I may love it a whole lot more in the shower!
  • Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair Shower Gel – A brand new Lush scent – I’m surprised this one hasn’t been more popular already, as there’s really nothing else in the store currently like it! It smells very fruity to me but in a grown-up way (this isn’t anything like the bubblegum fruitiness of Snow Fairy), probably due to the fig, guava and rose. I can’t imagine anyone disliking it as it smells truly delicious & unique!
  • Comforter Shower Cream – Everyone knows how much I love the blackcurrant and cassis fragrance of the Comforter! I already have the shower gel version, and of course needed to try the shower cream too. This smells creamier and more true to the bubble bar scent than the shower gel, & all fellow Comforter fans really need one of these too! I got a mini size so I could take it on holiday with me – I used my guy’s Old Spice shower gel last time & truly learned my lesson, as I smelled far too manly for my liking!
  • Bath Oil Selection – I got a few Shark Infested Custards (super-cute and smell just like vanilla custard!), a few Johnny Appleseeds (delicious green apple scent!) and Oil on Troubled Waters – a super-relaxing yet subtle scent for a chilled bathtime.
  • The Experimenter Bath Bomb – Due to some of the truly incredible preview photos of foamy rainbow goodness of this bath bomb in action, I had to pick up one for myself! And I wasn’t disappointed – it was truly the most beautiful bath bomb I’ve ever used, with a spicy scent and full of bronze-coloured glitter. Check out my video of the beauty here, and a photo of the stunning aftermath here!
  • The Rough With the Smooth Body Scrub – Again with the Lord of Misrule obsession! This LOM-scented sugar scrub dissolves fast in the water so would only be good for a few uses, but lives skin silky-soft and smelling lovely! I’d love to try out more of the solid scrubs in future.
  • Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb – The perfect remedy to a stressful day, this lavender and chamomile bath bomb makes for an ultra-relaxing pre-bedtime bath. It was previously a spa exclusive so I was really curious to try it after spotting it in store. I really enjoyed using this one and it fizzed for ages, as well as releasing a ton of fine gold glitter! However since using around a week ago, I’ve been finding gold glitter everywhere! Hopefully it’ll be all vacuumed up and washed out of everything soon, but steer clear if you’re not a glitter fan!
  • Frozen Bath Bomb – I imagine this bath bomb will sell more for the name if anything! I haven’t used it yet, but as I was also picking up one for a friend, the sweet grapefruit and neroli scent as well as the pretty, wintery blue and white colours made me throw one in my basket. I can’t wait to try this!

I would have loved to have picked up more, but all this cost me almost Β£70! Plenty to be getting on with, but my inner Lush addict just wanted me to buy everything, especially seeing all the beautiful exclusive products!

Last week I’d had a particularly awful trial shift at a local restaurant I applied to work at, so as my dad was working in London that day he very kindly picked me up a few amazing things – shout-out to my dad for being awesome!

This is what he kindly picked up for me..

  • Aliens and Monsters Fun – I’m not normally a fan of Fun, but as it was so cute and Lord of Misrule-scented (most importantly), how could I say no?! This was sold out on my initial visit but luckily they had it last week! I haven’t yet tried it, but have kept it in the fridge to keep it fresh and prevent melting. I love the creativity of the new Fun bars!
  • Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar – The ultra-psychadelic bath bomb version of this is beautiful, so I’m really excited to try out the bubble bar version! The scent isn’t one that stands out to me in the store (ginger, pepper and lemon), so I’m curious to see what kinds of results this gives in the bath compared to the bath bomb.
  • Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask – I’m not normally a Lush face mask fan since they don’t keep for long and don’t clean out my pores as well as others, but since this is advertised to soothe sensitive skin, how could I say no?! This has a beautiful rose scent, feels cooling on the skin, and I noticed the first time I used it the redness in my skin was much calmer that night and the next morning. I didn’t quite notice the same results after using it again last night, maybe I left it on too long? Worth trying if you suffer from sensitive skin and redness too!
  • Salted Coconut Hand Scrub – I’d tried this on my last visit after I’d already checked out, & really regretted not grabbing one! I use a small blob of this once a day after washing my hands, and rinse off. I’m not a huge fan of coconut as previously mentioned, but it leaves my hands feeling so silky soft I really enjoy using it every day!
  • Sea Salted Caramel Soap – Again with the salt theme! This doesn’t smell as sweet as I was anticipating, but it does smell delicious and I can’t wait to use it.
  • Sticky Banana Hand Soap – I’m a huge banana fan & wish more products were banana-scented! This actually smells amazing scent-wise combined with the above soap..salted banana caramel soap would be incredible! I can’t wait to try this either – definitely more of a natural banana scent than a super-sweet artificial one. Fellow banana lovers rejoice!

And Β£100 later I’m a very poor & very happy Lush addict – time to get back to being good and saving my money! The Oxford Street store is an absolute must-visit wherever you live in the world, it’s a truly unique shopping experience and there is so much to see, smell, touch and spend all your pennies on! Please let me know if you’ve had the chance to visit, or what exclusives are on your wishlist!


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