A Container Store Travel Beauty Haul!

Part 2 of my very lovely haul from the sunny USA! I’m not sure how familiar you are with the Container Store, but it’s like Muji and Ikea put together but 10x better, in my opinion! I never thought I’d get so excited about containers and storage, but here we are…

1. 40 Blinks Travel Sleep Mask ($12.99) – A very expensive eye mask but I was in need of a decent quality one! This eye mask is very lightweight and comfortable to wear; however due to the shape of my nose it doesn’t keep all the light out! Not to mention velcro straps require care so as to not get hair stuck in them. Despite these little flaws it was very comfortable to wear on my longer return flight from JFK full of thoroughly miserable people and I did get several hours of sleep!

2. Every Drop Beauty & Lip Spatulas ($3.99 – $4.99) – Perfect for anyone else who loves using things up as much as I do! How many times have you yelled in frustration at struggling to scrape out the last little bits of an expensive foundation when the product is stuck to the sides of the container? I bought the standard size as well as the mini lip size and one with a longer curved edge for bottle necks – I’m sure they will be extremely useful in my Empties quests!

3. 2oz Striped Jar in Pink ($1.29) – Purchased specifically for my hair mask when travelling, as my larger Superdrug pots crack and break so easily, not to mention I need 2 of them for a longer trip, which can be annoying. This cute striped jar is the perfect size and feels much sturdier!

4. Hinged Cotton Round Holder ($0.99) – One of those items you never knew you needed. On short trips or for hand luggage, cotton pads inevitably get dirty when thrown in with everything else in your bag – this is perfect for keeping them clean, dry and hygienic for using on your skin. My only complaint is that the hinge broke as soon as I got it out for this photo; maybe I got a dud as the other reviews seem positive. At least the lid still stays on & I can still use it!

5. Neon Luggage Tag ($1.99) – Not really a beauty item, but ideal for making your bag full of all your very important things stand out on the luggage carousel. I usually have my address on my bag in 3 different places as well as a flight itinerary on the inside, just to make sure none of my important, expensive makeup and clothes ever go missing!

6. Cotton Swab Holder ($0.99) – Much like the cotton round holder, this is one of those travel items you never knew you needed. I normally throw my cotton buds in with my makeup brushes or makeup bag; inevitably something leaks or they get dirty, so I have to throw them away! This keeps them all dry, clean and in one place for whenever you need one.

7. Translucent Cylinder Mister 1oz ($0.99) – Lastly, I picked up 4 of these tiny spray bottles – I can never find spray bottles small enough but these are perfect! I use them for decanting various hair products to take on my travels – these ones seem sturdy and will no doubt see a lot of use.


That’s all I picked up from the Container Store this time! I spent almost an hour just browsing – they really do have everything you never knew you needed, both for your home or your luggage. I can’t wait to go back for another visit!


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