January Favourites

Happy early February – I hope your January has been amazing! I’ve been keeping myself busy and have a really exciting next couple of weeks planned, but thought I’d stop by and keep you updated with what I’ve been falling in love with over the last month! 

1. Lush Creamed Almond and Coconut Smoothie (currently unavailable) – A product I didn’t think about too much previously, but now in the depths of the chilly winter months it makes a huge difference to my skin, as well as smelling truly wonderful! Unfortunately it is only available rarely in the Lush Kitchen, so I’ve had to scout the internet to find a couple of backups. I use my regular shower gel (a strawberry one goes really well with the creamy nuttiness of this!) and then apply this all-over before washing off under the shower. No need to use lotion afterwards, such a bonus when in the cold weather it’s a race to throw clothes on just to stay warm!

2. Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel (currently unavailable) – Lush’s iconic Christmas shower gel! If you haven’t smelled the unique mix that is Snow Fairy, it’s a real love/hate one – a super-sweet, fruity bubblegum / candyfloss scent. It pairs perfectly with Lush’s sweeter bath products, but if used too often (as I did several years ago) it gets a little much. However I’m currently really enjoying using it in my baths to add a burst of glittery pink sweetness to gloomy winter evenings..but just a little, don’t overdo it! I also tried adding a capful into my washing machine when cleaning my bedsheets – it doesn’t come out super-strong but enough to give wafts of the lovely cult scent!

3. Lush Twilight Perfume (currently unavailable) – Three Lush products in a row.. and three that can’t currently be purchased online or in stores! But what kind of Favourites post would it be if I didn’t tell exactly what I’ve been loving?! The Twilight perfume was available for all of a few minutes when it was released in the Lush Kitchen, as it’s enormously popular amongst Lush fans and was well overdue for a re-release. I’ve never been a lavender fan but Twilight has turned that around for me – now I want my entire life to smell of lavender-tonka scented Twilight goodness. I wasn’t even sure I’d be keen on the perfume as surely it would send me to sleep, but it’s the ideal scent for low-key, lazy winter days and evenings. I love wearing this if I’m just having a chill evening with a friend for example – it’s a delightfully cosy scent which makes a change from the typical ‘cosy’ perfumes of amber and vanilla. I can’t get enough of it and I’m so glad I managed to pick up two bottles while it was around!

4. Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation (£8.99 via Boots) – My new everyday foundation! A surprising new favourite for me, I picked it up on a whim just to try out something new and I’ve ended up loving it. I prefer to use a blending sponge to fully blend it out to avoid a streaky finish, but it doesn’t oxidise on the skin and gives my face a truly natural, satin look finish without being at all oily or drying. I’d recommend it for all skin types. As the name suggests, it’s truly your skin but better. The only flaw is that I was exactly between the two lightest shades (Ivory and Light Beige) and it does lean a little dark/warm for fairer skin, so I decided to buy both and mix them together for a custom shade. A great decision, my base is looking so much better and more natural-looking, and it doesn’t cost a fortune either!

5. Paula’s Choice Clear Extra Strength 2% BHA (£19.98 via Paula’s Choice UK) – January has been the month I decided to up my skincare game and this is the number one product that’s really turned my problem skin around! This BHA exfoliant claims to do it all – reduce redness, unclog pores and keep stray spots at bay. I’d suggest it to anyone with problem combination to oily skin, sensitive or not. Especially if you feel like you’re using All The Products to tame troubled skin! Since using this in place of my old liquid exfoliator, I haven’t touched a face scrub or mask at all this month. Really! Using every other day, it keeps my skin both looking and feeling smooth, free of most blackheads or spots, whilst helping to keep it looking clear all over. I’d highly recommend checking out Paula’s Choice skincare if you haven’t already – everything is free of fragrance and essential oils that can easily irritate skin, only featuring the necessary ingredients to keep all skin types looking and feeling wonderful! I also love that they never test on animals and are not too expensive, just a little pricier than Boots favourites but 100% worth it. You can also order trial and sample sizes of any products, which is fantastic – no wasting all your money on a product that doesn’t work for you! I’m also trialling their anti-redness serum and can’t wait to pick up one or two more things when I next order!

6. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Cut A Caper (currently unavailable) – Apologies for mostly discontinued bits this month – why do they always get rid of the best products?! Cut A Caper is a shade I often hear raved about by bloggers and I was never able to get hold of one of my own until recently. This is a slight sheer, slightly glossy-looking pinkish-salmon shade that’s so flattering and wearable for pale, cool-toned skin. I do like some orange shades in the summer such as MAC’s Ravishing and Vegas Volt, but this is ideal for everyday in that it’s not too ‘WOAH, orange lipstick?!’ and a bit more subtle, perfect for swiping on every day. Why is this limited edition, and can we get it back please?!


Those are all the wonderful things I’ve been loving this January – do let me know if you’ve tried them before, or if you decide to pick them up yourself! What have YOU been loving this month? Link me your Favourites posts below!


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